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About the Job
U rite guuud? We're looking for word-happy, well-rounded creative candidates that specialize in out-of-the-box copywriting. If this sounds like you, let's chat!

  • Write the zaniest of copies in all the lands, skies, and some bodies of water.
  • Be a prose pro.
  • Don't be not a pro for inappropriate double negative usage.
  • Be an alliteration alligator.
  • Don't be a bore boar from Bora Bora.
  • Be a grammaratzi glitteratzi.
  • Don't make up words.
  • Be a make-up artist for words.
  • Make a ritual daily sacrifice to the Copy Gods.

  • Ability to make people laugh and/or cry through written or visual media.
  • A 4-year degree -- jk, we don't care as long as you knock our chonies off.
  • A self-starter with a can-do attitude, motivated to be the very best at what they do and don't do.
  • A couple of Pulitzer Prizes -- optional but highly recommended.

  • Write me a handwritten note and send it to me by hawk-mail or your preferred choice of avian.
  • Attach a JPEG of your favorite thing to eat and a corresponding easy-to-follow recipe.
  • A compelling resumé + cover letter will also do, I guess...
  • Surprise me! Do something different.

***P.S. This is a legit job. If you are legit interested in this legit job, send me some fun resumés and cover letters to read through whatever job board this is posted on or to hello [at] with the subject line "I'M THE BEST COPYWRITER AND HERE'S WHY..."
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